Saturday, May 11, 2013

last week

We taped yarn all over the hallway and they were being Ninjas trying to get through without touching the yarn. Leo had a blast. Levi just kept barreling through it and pulling it all off so it didnt last too long but they had fun. Leo keeps asking when he can be a Ninja again.

                                                   Letchworth State Park in New York

I love lots of water. This was beautiful. About a 3 1/2 hour drive from home. Id really like to camp out somewere sometime but ever since Eric went to Iraq he no longer wants to camp. I hope he gets over it or ill be taking the boys by myself. Right now we just do day trips which sometimes isnt so fun with my high energy boys in the car all day.

A nice woman took our picture. I always want to frame the photo and ask them to take it "just like this" because right behind us theres a beautiful waterfall behind that you just dont see .

but here it is. Very cool. We could feel the spray of the water. and saw rainbows everywere. I find these pictures on Pinterest and realize things arent so far away. There are so many places i wanna visit around here. Next month when there is no moon I am gonna take the boys up to a place called cherry hill. Its the darkest place in PA for stargazing. I will do my best at capturing the Milky Way but even if I dont get a good photo I still want to see it myself and show the boys. I cant wait!
 Leos best friends Kia had a party. These are 2 of his favorite people in class Kia and Riatsoa. Its kinda too bad they all are gonna be going to different schools next year. But we will still see them because Levi will be in a class with there siblings.

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