Thursday, April 25, 2013

Levi turns 3

 Levis 3rd birthday was on Sunday the 21st. So we did cake and ice cream after dinner saturday. We bought him a few gifts. And I took the boys to see the Croods. Grandma H got him some dumptrucks for outside in the dirt, and clothes. His Uncle Paul got him some cars. And we got him a scooter and a jumping monster truck.  He loved the monster truck and after the day of playing all around with it it dissapeared. Linda and I looked everywhere. All over the house, in the shed, in all the cars without finding the thing. So yesterday Wednesday the boys were playing around in my room and found it under my mattress. Apparently I had been sleeping on it for a few days and didnt even notice. Which is weird cause its a pretty big truck. But yay we found it. I dont like spending money on things that just break right away or get lost. I love Levis reaction when we sang to him. And i tried to interview him. I need to come up with some same questions that i can ask him throughout the years and see how he changes. But they turned out pretty cute anyway. and of course my videos for the interview didnt upload.  Leo was really good about it being just Levis day I did buy myself a longboard skateboard and didnt want him to feel left out so we got him a razor scooter too. The boys have had fun riding those to the park and up and down the streets. We are in a great neighborhood were people actually slow down when they see kids in the street.

I love Spring. The flowers and trees are blooming. The color is coming back. We can go outside again. The weather has been really nice and our church's playgroup is finally doing park days again. They were meeting at the church for the winter but my boys would get bored easy and start to cause trouble. They play so much better at a park or just outside that we didnt go alot this winter. I need to take the advice of my sister and stock up on stuff that we can do inside when were stuck indoors. And ive found alot of inspriation on Pinterest. (like the tye dye waffles)

                                              Sunday morning I made tyedye waffles.
 There was a carnival in town. We took the boys but only did a few things like this slide and an obstical course. It was just too expensive. We just went to Hershey park a week ago and compared to that the carnival kinda sucked.

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