Monday, April 15, 2013

 We took the boys to Hershey Park on Saturday. Originally Eric just wanted to take Leo. He has been doing really well at school lately and Eric needed to get out of the house and do something. I was checking it all out online and decided that I wanted to go too so we all went. Right now they have the spring prices that are 20.00 cheaper than in the summer and under 3 is free. Levi will be 3 on the 21st so we decided to take advantage now. We all had fun. Leo could ride alot of rides with and adult so Eric and him went off a few times and Levi and I hung out on the kiddie rides.
 I was happy to sit out with the boys while Eric went on the ones he wanted too. I really dont like the spinning rides. Makes me sick. I did do one of the fastest coasters there. I still like those.

 I did go on this ride with Levi. Called the Falcon. I didnt like all the spinning but Levi loved it.
                                                        Waiting for the chair lift
                                                    Levi behind the wheel of the Race cars
                                                  The View from the Kissing Tower

                                                          Levi and I found the Kiss
                                                                       Frog Hopper

went on the Chocolate tour in the Factory and saw these singing cows. of course they dump you right into the store so we got a few things. We saw these 5 lb chocolate bars

 On the way out the boys saw the Kiss and attacked him with hugs. It reminded me of the time that we took Leo to disneyland and he kisses Minnie on the nose when we saw her. These boys are so cute
                                                          It was a pretty good day.

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