Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So not a whole lot has been going on. And well also alot has been going on. Isnt that weird how that can happen. So the weather here is warming up. Yay. We have been spending time outside. Talking to neighbors again. Getting the garden ready. cleaning up the yard and house. Ive been washing and putting away all our heavy winter stuff.  We got out our patio furniture and I know the boys love it outside. Inside Ive been trying to edit 8 years of photos. I never use to edit anything. So if i took 300 pictures of the sunset and only got say 1 or 2 excellent ones id keep em all. So you can imagine after 8 years how many photos I have. It was when my 500 uh somethin external harddrive told me that it was full when I realized that I guess i should go through them already. When we bought it the guys said oh yeah that will take forever to fill one of these up. It took me 8 years not forever..  In a few weeks ive probably deleted at least a couple thousand pictures that were just useless.
What id like to do instead of having all my best photos on FB (which i dont miss)
Is make a book every year of the things we did. Id really like to get caught up on the boys journals. I dont think ive written in them since we moved here. But what im thinking is having a book every year. Id probably buy 2 copies or mabye even 3 each time because id like to give the boys there books when they get married. or mabye id just have the 1 and always keep it with us. Not too sure yet. I dont know how much a book would cost. Cause if its for the whole year im thinking it would be at least a couple hundred pages.
Anyway. Lets see. So im still in YW. Love it. But one of them just had a Bday and moved to mia maids. And one of them moved. So now I have 2 beehives.
 The 2 on the left are the ones I still teach. Courtney closest to me moved and I would say i was able to conect with her the most so far. I will miss her
a few weeks ago we had New Beginnings and we had the decorations. It was a rainbow theme. So i cut and painted these letters
This week we gave Levi a haircut. He wanted to help
                                                    drew little guys on our fingers
 A neighbor gave me some of her boys hand me downs. They are 12 and 14 I like her style and they are very nice clothes. So im keeping them:) She also gave us some Kinex and Eric built a motorcycle with the boys.
My boys like brocolli and veggies Awesome! but we told them that Popeye eats Spinach and gets strong so now anytime we have spinach they want some. ( to get super strong)
I bought Leo his own laptop right before we moved here. We lost it at my Mom in laws house but Leo missed it so much I bought another one. She sent it too me when she found it. So now they each have one. When they turn it on it says there name. I can plug it in and enter there name and emails that gets read to them. They like to check there emails every once in a while
 And here is the most recent picture of all of us together. I love my lil family.
My goal is to update here every week. So check back.

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  1. Love the pictures. I WILL check back every week. Love you guys.