Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mothers Day

 Any day that starts out by seeing a bag from a jewelry store is good in my book. As ive changed my style from hippie/ tomboy to a more conservative mom look my taste in jewelry has changed up a bit as well. Eric and I went into a jewelry store about 8 months ago and I tried on a few rings I liked. I was looking for something with maybe a raised diamond in the center to add to this one here..But as we walked out I spotted
 THIS ONE!!! and he got it for me for mothers day. I like it alot. Still close to the hand. I was worried that if I had a diamond that stuck up I would snag it on something and loose it. So originally I had said never mind on a new ring.
 Leo came home from church with this. I love these kids crafts. I just need to photograph them all and make a book. I have a box thats filling up.
 I really wanted to wear these shorts the other day but they just dont work with garments. Im still getting use to wearing them. Ive given just about most of my wardrobe to the YW of my ward. Not that what I wore before was inappropriate but they would cut to were you see garments or when I bend over ride up. I really dont like to layer but I had to buy some long tank tops to wear under some of my shirts and now im wearing 3 layers and I just dont like that. So if i see something that works i will get it. And a friend was kind enough to give me a bunch of clothes. It wasnt so bad in the winter but now that summer is on the way I just dont see how all you guys do it in Vegas when it gets hot.
Dont worry I will stick with them. A friend Tara and I want to head to the Temple soon. I havent been since day after Christmas.
 On Friday we walked with Leos class to the Dairy Queen a few blocks from his school. I just realized he only has about 3 weeks left of school then summer break. Yay I like summer. Then my lil man will be in Kindergarten in the fall and Levi will be then going to the same pre k Leo did. Its at 2 different schools so I will have to see how that's gonna work out. I hope the schedules mess right or ill be doing a bunch of running around next year.
 After school we went to the park with friends. Leo and Riantsoa  (ri-ann-sue) are 5 days apart. And Levi and Valiah (vali) are about a month and 1 day apart so they were best friends last year and still again this year. There mom Sandratra is very nice. And they are Christian too.

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